Institute of Global Education (IGE)
Courses offered through NEEF

NEEF and IGE offer following courses with specialization in Applied Ecopsychology and Integrated Ecology:

1) Ph.D. Degree

Eligibility:Masters Degree in related subject.
Duration:18-36 months.

2) Postgraduate Degree

Eligibility: Graduate Degree in any related subject.
Duration: 12-24 months.

3) Undergraduate Degree

Eligibility: 12th Pass in any subject.
Duration: 36 months.

Structure of NEEF-IGE Courses

All joint NEEF and IGE courses have a common requirement for studies through NEEF and rest of the credits will be completed through IGE course as follows:

Ph.D.(in Affiliation with Universities)/Postgraduate/Undergraduate Degree
Through NEEF
Environment and Development; Energy and Environment; Environmental Pollution Environmental Science and Engineering; Regional and Global Environmental Issues; Environmental Economics and Policy; plus Project Work

Through IGE
45 credits through various courses available on IGE website.

Postgraduate Degree
Through IGE
30 credits through various courses available on IGE website.

Undergraduate Degree
Through IGE
30 credits through various courses available on IGE website.

Mode of Operation

  • All programmes are offered through NEEF and Conducted in India.
  • Assessment is conducted by NEEF & IGE jointly.
  • You obtain a broader, more international perspective on the environment.

    About IGE

    The goal of the Institute of Global Education (IGE) is to educate those who desire to participate in a world where peace is a way of life. The IGE, Department of Integrated Ecology conducts Project NatureConnect online degree programs in Applied Ecopsychology & Integrated Ecology. It provides psychologically responsible, environmentally connected, learning that helps participants increase their marketability, credibility and effectiveness.

    Its courses are taught via the internet and email. Dr. Michael Cohen holds workshops throughout the USA.The IGE has created a learning experience that is global, experiential, wholistic and sustainable. So as to provide accessibility to all peoples, a pragmatic, individualized approach is used for determining prerequisites for courses. The IGE offers the opportunity to introduce dynamic quality to education in a universal sense. The IGE supports the work of the United Nations (UN). Coordinated efforts are made to strengthen and empower the United Nations to fulfill its global mission.

    For more details of the IGE, please visit www.ecopsych.com

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