Centres and Coordinators

The NEEF is seeking Eco-Friends to work as Centre-Heads in India and other parts of the World. The Center Heads should have a keen interest in Environmental Issues and Entrepreneuring skills to promote the NEEF's programmes on Education, Training, Research, Media and Engineering Consultancy.
Individuals, NGOs, Academic Institutions, Corporates and other organizations who are interested to promote the activities of the NEEF and their own activities related to the objectives of the NEEF can act as its Center Coordinator.

Requirements For Opening a NEEF Centre:

  • Any individual or organisation can become Centre-Head/ Coordinator of the NEEF and work on its behalf in their City/State. An affiliation fee will be payable by the Centre to the NEEF.
  • The Centre affiliates can opt to work in any one or more of the NEEF's innovations on Education, Training, Research, Media and Engineering Consultancy.
  • All Affiliates are entitled for an honorarium ranging from 10% to as high as 50% of the amount generated by them through promoting activities of the NEEF in their region. In addition, they also get several other advantages such as an attractive discount on course fees, publications, training programmes, conferences etc. organised by the NEEF.
  • Centres will be fully involved in all activities, academic and administrative as well of the NEEF and will play major role in their region on behalf of the NEEF. However, written permission from Head Office of NEEF (Mumbai)is required prior to the initiation of any activity on its behalf.
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Present NEEF Centres and their Heads / Coordinators:

NEEF has several centres in India and abroad. For further inquiries, please send an e-mail to;
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