About NEEF

The National Ecology and Environment Foundation (NEEF) is a not-for-profit, non-government Organization established in 1997. It is registered as a public trust with its main office at Mumbai.

NEEF has several Collaborative Agreements such as Research and Education agreements with SMWC and IEG (USA); Publication Agreement with International Journal of LCA and through promotion of activities of ISLCA contributes to the Life Cycle Initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP),France.

The Foundation has been promoted by well-known experts in the fields of engineering, science, humanities and social sciences and policy making. Its Advisory Board includes academicians, researchers and policy makers, having recognition at national and international levels in their areas of expertise. NEEF has a wide network of its affiliates which includes Centre Heads (Coordinators), Consultants, Life-Members and Volunteers.

The NEEF provides a neutral forum, where all viewpoints of the environmental management and development issues viz. technical, scientific, economic, social, and political can be addressed. The Foundation promotes environmental responsibility and provides technical and managerial leadership in the areas of Natural Resources,Pollution of Air, Water, Solid Waste and Noise. The foundation also contributes to global issues such as Climate Change, Ozone Depletion, Biological Diversity, International Waters and Trade and Environment and their importance in the sustainable development of the globe.


The major objectives of the National Ecology and Environment Foundation are:

  • To inculcate willingness and awareness on Environmental and Development issues through Education and Training.
  • To promote and conduct Inter-disciplinary Research on Environment and Development issues.
  • To provide Consultancy to private and public sector organizations in their efforts for protecting the environment and an input to Policy-making.
  • To promote Awareness among various stakeholders of Environment and Development at local, national and international levels with the help of Media.


The NEEF's activities include Education, Training, Research, Consultancy, Media, and Awareness programmes on environmental, social, economic and policy issues related to development. Through its structured programmes and activities, the Foundation integrates these areas to produce opportunities for technical exchange.
Dedication to these objectives enables the Foundation to work towards its goal:

"A Cleaner Environment and Sustainable Development Worldwide"

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